November-Giving Thanks and Community Resources


Somehow, it’s November!  With Thankgiving at the end of the month, November is a wonderful time to reflect on what we have in our lives to be grateful for.

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can lead to many benefits, such as feeling more positive, improving health and interpersonal relationships.  In the hustle and bustle of daily life (especially around the holidays), it can be easy to forget to take a moment to slow down, be in the moment and express gratitude.

Making mindful gratitude a part of every day life can be simple.  Pick a time each day (at dinner or as part of bedtime?) to talk with your child about what they are grateful for, or what happened that day that made them feel good.   Ask them questions about it to encourage them to really think about the things they are grateful for and hopefully share more with you.

Children learn by watching the other people in their lives, especially their parents and caregivers.  Modeling an attitude of gratitude is a good way to get your children on board.  Be mindful about saying “thank you” and talk about things that you’re grateful for.  “I’m so grateful that woman helped us pick up our groceries when we dropped them!  That was so kind!”

For grown ups, keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down a few things you are grateful for every day can be a great way to get in the habit of thinking about things you are thankful for and encourage you to seek out positives in every day life.


Volunteering can be a wonderful way to connect and give to your community, as well as encouraging compassion in children and teaching them to think of others.  Volunteering is wonderful year-round, but the holidays are a great time to jump in.  Here are some organizations in the Twin Cities to get you started.

Community Resources for the Holidays

If you or anyone you know is looking for some assistance this Thanksgiving, here are some resources in the community.

The Union Gospel Mission is offering Thanksgiving groceries for families in the community.

The Cherokee Tavern offers West St. Paul residents a free meal Thanksgiving day

The Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf has Christmas food and toy distribution.

The Marie Sandvik Center offers a free sit-down dinner for Thanksgiving, as well as gifts and food bags on Christmas Eve.

Toys for Tots will open toy registration on November 22nd.

Neighbors, Inc. has holiday assistance for providing toys and clothing for children and seniors.

Meals on Wheels provides a variety of programs for the metro area that includes free food on Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!